Hair And Beauty @ Canary Wharf

Welcome to Klein's Hair and Beauty
Our experienced stylists cut both women's and men's hair and offer Colouring and Conditioning Treatments.
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 An oasis of calm and just a short stroll across the footbridge from Canary Wharf.
 50 meters from the Marriott Hotel on West India Quay.

We offer great hair and beauty treatments to both men and woman using the best products:


West India Quay History!
Kleins is located in  warehouses built by the West India Dock Company between 1800 - 1803, designed by George Dwilt.
Kleins is part of the range completed in 1803 as a two story building designed to house offices for both the dock company and customs officials. The building was raised in 1827 and was later used for storing tea brought in by tea clippers.
Much of the interior of the building was destroyed by fire in 1901, but fortunately it survived the blitz of 1940 when seven of nine original warehouse was destroyed. The ghostly out line of warehouse No 3 can still be seen on the eastern end of the building.